Cadillac Escalade review
Autogefuhl Reviews The Cadillac Escalade In Full Screen, Full HD and Full Length… Let’s GO!

Bored of the usual array of European brands we decided to feature the Cadillac Escalade, a massive SUV that makes Autogefuhl appear small. And yes the Cadillac Escalade is available for sale in Europe. Believe it or not, this particular vehicle is the short wheelbase version. In the USA prices start from $76k. But if you want one in Europe be prepared to pay import tariffs.

And when you do factor in all the tariffs it will probably cost north of 80,000 Euros. For that price, you can buy a far superior European luxury SUV. However, the Germans like to be associated with America even if they are too ashamed to openly admit it.

The Escalade weighs near three tones despite being built around an aluminum monocoque chassis. Powering the Escalade is a V8. Typical, what else did you expect.

Anyway, Autogefuhl (aka Thomas) gives an unrepentant and honest review of the Escalade.

Cadillac Escalade review
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