Is The BMW i8 Worth $150,000 Asks Doug DeMuro

The BMW i8 is a plugin hybrid supercar that was unveiled at the 2013 International Motor Show Germany. It features butterfly doors, head-up display, rear-view cameras and partially false engine noise.

Series production of customer vehicles began in April 2014. It is the first production car with laser headlights, reaching further than LED lights.

The i8’s body is made from carbon-fibre, the front wheels are driven by 131bhp electric motors and the rears are powered by 231bhp 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder petrol turbo.

BMW claim the i8 returns 94mpg but the actual real-world figures are around 36mpg.

The i8 has a total driving range of 310 miles, on electric power alone it can travel 22 miles. The batteries take 3.5hrs to recharge from the mains plug.

All very well and good but is it worth $150,000 USD? Doug DeMuro finds out.

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