Jaguar Reveals AWD F-Type R Coupe
Video Jaguar has jumped on board to become an official sponsor of the Bloodhound SSC team and haven’t forgotten to maximize the PR benefits of doing so by revealing the all new AWD F-Type R Coupe. The launch video shows Jaguar taking part in a “mission critical” test to ensure the communications systems are fully functional when team Bloodhound SSC attempt to break world land speed record in 2016. In a rather staged and over the top demonstration, the AWD F-Type went head to head with a training jet on the Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape, South Africa. The aim was to test the combined closing speed of around 700mph with the communications systems the Bloodhound jet car will use. It was predictably successful. The world land speed record currently stands at 763mph, set in the Nevada desert by British jet car pilot Andy Green in 1997. 17 years on and Bloodhound SSC will challenge for world record honors, first they will make a world record attempt in 2015 then target 1,000mph in 2016. Jaguar’s mission “critical test” is only critical to the marketing of the AWD F-Type R launch and it will be officially drooled over at the 2014 LA Motorshow. Jaguar will be providing a technical collaboration with Bloodhound SSC, details of which will emerge at the LA reveal. The AWD Jaguar F-TYPE R will reach 60mph in just 3.9-seconds with a limited top speed of 186mph, we can’t help but think that in standard rear wheel drive the F-Type R is perfect just the way it is. But Jag’s Vehicle Line Director disagrees: “Our target with engineering the all-wheel drive F-TYPE was to maintain the engaging rear-drive character that’s so important to Jaguar sports cars, yet offer even greater dynamic capability. The result is a controllable, exploitable and blisteringly fast performance car in all weather and road conditions.”  Jaguar-F-Type-R-AWD
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