Bugatti Veyron Successor Unaffected By VW Cost Cutting
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As Volkswagen undergoes a series of cost cutting measures within in its core group of operations and associated product portfolio’s, one brand is seemingly immune to the realities of operating a global business. Bugatti. Volkswagen confirmed at the 2014 Paris Motorshow that a successor to the Veyron is in the works, the current Veyron is nearing its production shelf life, 450 models in total, with the remaining 20 units scheduled to be completed by 2015. Each model costs 1.46 million euros ($1.8 million) and has a top speed of over 248mph (400kph) from its 16 cylinder, 1,200 bhp engine. The car is in many ways a prestigious showcase for VW’s engineering prowess and each unit is said to be produced and sold at a loss. In contrast VW is undertaking a serious of “austerity cuts” to the tune of 5 billion euro’s by 2017 as part of the company’s efficiency drive, in other words lowering costs. Bugatti seems to be off VW’s efficiency drive agenda and will remain untouchable in comparison to VW’s other supercar luxury brand, Lamborghini, which has yet to gain the green-light to build the long mooted SUV. Stephen Winkelmann, CEO and President of Lamborghini is waiting for VW to give approval for the Lamborghini SUV production to commence, at the Paris Motorshow he seemed uncertain “The decision should be taken, I cannot say when,” the CEO said.  Bugatti-Veyron-Successor
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