Concept Kid: BMW Off Roader by Denys Zvenigorodskyy
We take a look at some up and coming young automotive designers of the future, one of these kids is from Germany, name Denys Zvenigorodskyy. Denys is currently a design student at the School of Art and Design in Berlin, Germany and has spent time as an intern at BMW. We like the evocative way he sketches his concepts, such as the BMW Off Roader, concept’s are all about creating a vision and style. But this concept kid is also steeped in automotive culture. His sketch of the Ford Escort actually makes the brand look good, for the average motorist, the Escort was a shoddy experience even for the time. Denys-Escort   Concepts are about exploring and inspiring and we like this sketch of the Denys’s Rolls Royce Coupe, makes the current coupe look a little lame. Denys=Rolls If you want to see more work from concept kid, Denys Zvenigorodskyy, then visit his personal website at  Denys-BMW-off-Roader
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