Driveclub, Playstation 4
Sony Playstation 4 owners rejoice with the latest PS4 only exclusive, Driveclub, an open world social gaming platform for keen petrol heads. Driveclub allows the gamer to access multiple world driving routes and team up online with friends from across the globe in a kind of virtual Cannon Ball Run/Gumball Rally automotive jamboree.
Yes I did just use the word jamboree, when I should have said something like kick-ass open driving world that will have you and your friends coming back for more. A virtual driving environment is canvas upon which to paint your dreams. In Driveclub you get to fulfill those dream’s in supercar exotica.
The problem is the supercar’s are all digital creations, but at least buying the game at £59.99 is cheaper than buying a supercar, and don’t let me tell you about supercar ownership costs, real life not digital. The game has received mixed reviews so far, from a clunky menu system to spectacular graphics. The gameplay is catered for two sets of audiences, the sim and arcade player, in fact its a hybrid of the two. Evolution Studio’s want’s to create a broad user base but it doesn’t want to isolate the hardcore sim fan.
Its really up to you to make your decision, the truth is game reviewers get paid to make over the top comments, it creates memorable copy and  fulfills the brash short term ambition’s of individuals who don’t understand the effort it takes to create a modern day game. Check out the trailer and game play footage. Driveclub is out in the UK on 10th October.  Driveclub-Playstation-4
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