Digital Artist Creates Amazing Futurist Car Concepts

These are what we would call futurist car concepts based on current supercars/hypercars but with a bit of a twist. They are from the fervent mind of Khyzyl Saleem a Freelance digital artist from Manchester, England who has worked for the likes of Top Gear and EA games.

The Ferrari 458 Spider has been turned into a ‘death car’ complete with rocket launchers at the sides and a wide body kit treatment. We’re sure Jeremy Clarkson would approve of such an automotive accessory although we’re not sure it would pass the MOT.

Next up is the Koenigsegg Agera which has been turned into a kind of hyper-disco-car or it could be inspired by the Tron movies. Either way, this is what car concepts should be all about, totally over the top.


Those concepts you see at car shows, they are mere publicity stunts designed to draw attention. We say, nice enough, but they never see the light of day. Most of the time.

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