Worst car of The Week- Mercedes AMG Coupe - 4cylinder
Worst Car of The Week: No Thanks Mercedes, We Don’t Want A 4-cylinder Supercar

Worst Car of the Week is back! OH YEEAH! The WCOTW feature is only used sparingly, reserved for cars that shouldn’t exist. Sure, we could roll out WCOTW daily, but that might inadvertently boost the profile of the very brands we’re criticizing. Even though our audience consists of the dog and next-door neighbour’s cat. But we do extend a hearty welcome to Mr Cropley, who apparently is an irregular-regular reader according to our sources.

Anyway, let’s get back to the Mercedes AMG Coupe. If there’s ever been a car to exemplify Germany’s current state of economic decline and deindustrialization, then the AMG Coupe, with its pathetic and puny 4-cylinder 422bhp engine, is a prime example. Any combustion-powered supercar worth its weight in gold should, as standard, bear the might of a V8 engine.

I would, of course, prefer a naturally aspirated V8. You see, I want to feel the anticipation before starting the engine, I want to hear the engine at start-up when it quietly roars into life, and I want to feel the vibrations as the cockpit is ablaze with that mechanical purring sound on tick-over. I want to feel that thumping smoothness as I accelerate. I want the lazy accessibility that only a powerful V8 is capable of.

Not interested in a manual supercar. Not interested in a 1,000 W sound system. Not interested in a ghastly oversized infotainment system. I just want that mechanical purity that only a V8 supercar can provide. But those days are over, regulations, yet more regulations, climate change? Really Mercedes? After your involvement in Dieselgate, you’re still greenwashing your way out of history.

Mercedes, listen to me… LISTEN! if you think we are buying a 4-cylinder supercar you can think again! It’s preferable to purchase a powerful electric vehicle than to invest in this pathetic attempt to appeal to no one. As a great philosopher once said; live for something or die for nothing.

Alas, today marks the demise of the Mercedes supercar, I don’t want a glorified hot hatch, I want a full-blooded supercar. And you, pathetic 4-cylinder AMG Coupe, YOU! have earned the title of the worst car of the WEEK!

Worst car of The Week- Mercedes AMG Coupe - 4cylinder
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