Dubai Police Use Google Glass & Supercar’s To Combat Crime
In Dubai if you break the law, the law will break you and if you try to evade the police in your car then forget about it because in Dubai the police never use half measures. You see the Dubai police force have a fleet of Lamborghini Aventadors, Ferrari’s and Bugatti Veyron’s. Aston Martins, Bentley’s and Ferrari’s. You would expect that from one of the world’s richest cities, well Abu Dhabi is the richest and the Emirate state and has funded Dubai out of debt in recent years, but that’s one for the business op-eds. Anyway, you just don’t mess around with the Dubai police force, you won’t see a drunken Liverpudlian shouting into the face of a police officer in the Gulf state, if that Liverpudlian did he would be beaten, sent to prison and beaten some more. And if that Liverpudlian ever stole a car and went for a joy ride in the desert city the police have a new ally on hand to track the offender down thanks to Google Glass. Dubai’s police force will be investing in Google Glass to help it identify criminals using facial recognition from their computer database, Liverpudlians all over Liverpool will be quaking in their boots, so that’s why they head over to Ibiza. Errrrmmmh, soft lad’s.
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