Faster Mazda Compact SUV Concept
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Mazda want to join the compact Crossover SUV market, you see its worth a lot of money to these car makers, and they will do so in the form of the all new CX-3. For now they are previewing what it may or may not look like in concept form. Typical. The official reveal will be held at the LA Motorshow on Wednesday morning, 19th November. at 10:30 local time. Typical. For now details on the CX-3 such as price and model specs are short on the ground, but that hasn’t stopped the usual marketing blurb of SKYACTIV, (Mazda’s efficient powertrain technology) and KODO (design language) from raising its ugly head in the official press releases. Mazda is joining the compact SUV party late, the Peugeot 2008, Mitsubishi ASX and Nissan Juke are some of the market leaders the CX-3 needs to take on if it is to gain a foot hold in an increasingly competitive market segment.  Faster-Mazda-Concept
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