Hennessy Reveals Its 717bhp Dark Side
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How do you make the 2015 Mustang faster? By making it faster than the 640 bhp Saleen Mustang that’s how, its a simple, no brainer formula used by the folk’s over at American tuning specialists, Hennessy Performance. The Houston based company is certainly no southern belle when it comes to modifying the ordinary and turning it into the ballistic, their Lotus Exige based 1,244bhp Venom GT claimed an unofficial speed record in 2013 as the fastest accelerating car in the world. Hennessy-HPE700-front-view Records are there to hit headlines and ultimately set only to be beaten. Now Hennessy have revealed a tuned version of the Mustang GT with signature Hennessy headline grabbing performance figures in the form of the Mustang HPE700. Hennessy have tuned the HPE700 to deliver 717bhp at 6,000rpm with a pulling force of 857 Nm of torque which is as close as it gets to feeling the full force of light speed. To get to these figures Hennessy says the Mustang’s V8 was upgraded with a more powerful exhaust system, fuel pump, fuel injectors and a Roots supercharger which is a powerful set of mechanical lungs able to create a tornado of power within the confines of the Mustangs V-8 engine bay . Hennessey-HPE700-Rear But in Texas, the south of America, and therefore bible belt country “thoses demons shall be exorcised from this here world forever and eternity, yea-sir”, so long as you have around a spare $59,000 dollars which is what Hennessy are asking for this primed and ready to go (in 2015) speed bomb. For those extra dollars you get that beefy and butch bodywork complete with front and rear splitter, 20=inch H10 alloys and a Brembo brake package. The company is working on upgrading the suspension. Hennessy plans to produce 500 HPE700’s in both coupe and convertible versions.  Hennessy-HPE700-side-View
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