Lamborghini Asterion Concept Revealed
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The 2014 Paris Motorshow, as always, will be a blizzard of new product launches, so we here at DCB will concentrate on a few of the showstoppers and as always Lamborghini didn’t fail to steal the show. Lamborghini never do anything by half measures as they proved yet again with Asterion plug-in hybrid. Before you breath rapidly in disbelief or nearly choke on your coffee or tea, yes I did just say Lamborghini hybrid. Lamborghini-Asterion-Front-Veiw Lambo’s interpretation of what a hybrid should be is a to use good old fashioned mid mounted 5.2-litre V10 engine, of Huracan vintage, and three electric motors to give a combined power output of 897bhp, a 0-62mph time of 3.0seconds and a claimed top speed of 199mph. Before you whip out the cheque books, iPay or any other payment method, the Asterion is a concept only at this stage, a fully working concept but concept nonetheless. Purists will hate the fact that the Asterion has an electric drive range of 31 miles on a fully charged set of batteries, these Lambo purists will probably slam their collective heads against the wall if you mentioned the Asterion has a claimed fuel economy of 68mpg and that it emits 98g/km. We here DCB would too. The Asterion is a design study and many of the exterior and engineering details could make their way onto future models. Although Lamborghini say it could make production, the Asterion is never likely to see the light at the end of the tunnel however the underlying hybrid technology could make its way to Lamborghini’s rumored SUV. Lamborghini-Asterion-Rear-Quarter The Asterion’s exterior design features hexagonal detailing and to us looks a little inspired by the Lamborghini Muira and we can’t help see a little bit of the Lotus Evora particularly in the side profile.  Lamborghini-Asterion-Side-Profile
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