Lamborghini Asterion Hybrid Supercar Concept
Video So you may be forgiven we have gone all Lamborghini biased, we ain’t denying that, but here is actual footage of Lamborghini’s latest concept launch form the 2014 Paris Motorshow. By Lamborghini’s standards the presentation of the Asterion Hybrid Concept was a bit muted, the drum beats were there but no performance artists dancing in sync with overbearing drums and electronica. The Asterion simply drove into view under electric power, no music, thankfully no performance artists to distract, just proof that the Asterion is capable of electric drive. Ok so the presentation is in German, which is the mother-tounge our beloved English language is based upon, you know about the Anglo and the Saxons right? Stephan Winkelmann’s Suit is The Real Star But we are not here to give you a history lesson, many people will say that the Lamborghini Asterion stole the 2014 Paris Motorshow, we disagree, we reckon Stephan Winkelmann’s suit was the real star. Lamborghini-Asterion-Winkelmans-Suit Winkelmann is the current President and CEO of Lamborghini, the former Lieutenant of Germany’s Paratrooper division, certainly knows how to dress well for the big occasions. We reckon that’s an Italian suit, its form fitting shoulders suggest a hand crafted suit made by an impeccable Italian tailor.  The suit hasn’t been made by a power-brand fashion house, its most likely from a highly regarded private tailor based in Rome, a city Winkelmann has lived in for over 30 years. As they say in some part’s of America, “dang that’s a nice suit”. Although we reckon the trousers could do with lengthening by about 1/2cm.  Lamborghini-Asterion-Presentation-A
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