Levante SUV To Lead Maserati Revival
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Maserati’s quest to become Italy’s version of Jaguar takes a small but significant step as the company announced it was well on its way to a meeting 50,000 sales target for 2015. The confidence will be boosted by the 2015 arrival of Maserati’s first entry into the SUV market with the Levante, for now the company has confirmed it estimated to go beyond 35,000 units sold for the year ending 2014. The previous year Maserati sold 15,400 vehicles. The Levante SUV is on schedule for a late 2015 release date, with a plan to build at least 25,000 units per year. Parent company Fiat Chrysler is banking on the performance of both Maserati and Alfa Romeo to reverse sales and move the entire group forward to a more profitable future. Maserati will cap total yearly sales to 75,000 units by 2018, the company wants to preserve the brand’s exclusivity and will not produce a car below the £50k Ghibli. The current model line up also includes the Gran Turismo coupe and the four door Quattroporte. Maserati-Alfieri Maserati have also confirmed that they will launch a production version if the Alfieri concept, due in 2016, if it retains the concept’s lines then Maserati’s key markets, the US and China will surely create a demand for what could be the most stylish car of the year, making Maserati’s revival all but complete.  Maserati-Levante-2015
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