Man Forgets To Wear Seat Belt, Crash Occurs, Inevitable Happens
Video We constantly question the value of showing car crashes because its that macabre voyeurism that makes us feel uncomfortable, after all we don’t want to turn into a “You’ve Been Framed” “America’s Funniest Home Videos” or Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show”clone. Our friends in Germany we don’t know what funny home video show you watch, to our friend in Oslo, we love you man! So here we are doing exactly what we don’t want to do, showing yet another car crash YouTube clip. This dash-cam footage from Ukraine  is probably a lesson to us all, car drivers that is. A crash occurs at a junction between two vehicles, the man in the stationary 4×4 is ejected upon impact, through the passenger window and fly’s maybe 15ft the other way on to the open road. Miraculously he walks away, uninjured and by the looks of it, to live another day. Many will say that by not wearing a seat belt the driver probably saved his own life, but if he had been wearing a seat belt he wouldn’t have ended up on the road and probably been run over by an unsuspecting road user driving in the opposite direction.  No-Seat-Belt-Warning
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