Ford F150 Lightning Review by MKBHD
MKBHD Compares The Ford F150 Lightning To An iPhone

It’s an interesting comparison to make, the Ford F150 Lightning is the iPhone of Pickup trucks. But how does MKBHD know that? How did he reach that conclusion? He’s driven the Rivian, so MKBHD has a benchmark. To really affirm the theory, MKBHD needs to test the Tesla Cybertruck. As we all know the Cybertruck is delayed. So, for now, the Ford F150 Lightning is the iPhone of Pickup trucks.

But I do not agree with MKBHD when he says the F150 Lighting is the one of the most important vehicles in the world. Who is the F150 important to? and why is it important? The F150 gasoline version is important to the United States because it sells over 700k units annually making it the biggest selling vehicle in America.

So the F150 brand is important to Ford and its customer base, but how much F150 Lightning’s will be sold? Ford claims it has 200,000 reservations or pre-orders, what percentage converts into a sale is not known. However, Ford is ramping up production to meet that demand meaning it is highly probable Ford is confident it can meet that demand.

When you have such incredible demand for a completely new generation, a new philosophy of car then Ford will likely run into quality control issues. So expect Ford to issue a recall of the 150 Lighting over some loose steering bolt or whatnot. Anyway, we think MKBHD got slightly carried away as a result of sudden over-enthusiasm.

I have to say, I do like the F150 Lightning a lot, it isn’t the most important car in the world, but it is the most important car Ford has ever made.

Ford F150 Lightning Review by MKBHD
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