Artificial Intelligence by MKBHD
Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Journalism? MKBHD Finds Out

AI, artificial intelligence, has the power to change the world. Some say AI could one day lay dormant the need for human thought. And we are already seeing the first signs of just how powerful AI has become. The future AI will rely on how powerful computers become. The convergence is already happening. AI is already effecting change, and will one make jobs once reliant on human creativity and thought totally redundant.

MKBHD previews DALL-E-2 an open source AI software that can draw anything you ask it simply by typing your thoughts on a keyboard and into its algorithmically driven processed brain. An Astronaut riding a horse on the moon is rendered natively, original thought inputed by a human and processed by a computer chip.

How powerful AI becomes ultimately depends on intent. DALL-E-2 is meant to be an experiment to demonstrate “safe AI”. One day, Artificial Intelligence could become so powerful that it could replace journalism. That isn’t as terrifying as it sounds.

Artificial Intelligence by MKBHD
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