This Is How You Should Enter the 2016 Gumball Rally
Gumball Rally made its annual pilgrimage to London on Monday to mark the one phase of drunken escapades, private jets and more drunken escapades in between. During the Gumaball Rally 3000 people actually do drive cars but there is one small caveat, you have to be a millionaire and you have to own a supercar. If you are not a millionaire then you can always get into debt and get a supercar on the cheap, like a Nissan GT-R which may qualify you to enter. This year the Gumball Rally is doing the Dublin to Bucharest route. The rally began in Dublin on May 1st and headed into London on May 2nd. On May 3rd expect participants to be drowning somewhere in a pub. But if you really want to stand out from the crowd the perhaps you should learn from one of the participating entrants. Team Galag have created a Batmobile based on the Arkham Knight video game. The Batmobile was built by a Swedish coachbuilder and is based on a Lamborghini Gallardo sourced components from the V10 engine which is good for 560bhp to the DSG gearbox. Team Galag’s TGX Batmobile entrant rides on 26-inch custom made tyres. No performance details are available but lets just the TGX Batmobile is more cruiser than straight line bruiser. We don’t know where or how Team Galag is funded but this is a company that is able to afford customising Rolex watches. Just sayin.  Gumball-Rally-Tankmobile
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