Oh Lord Why Don’t You Spy Me A Mercedes Benz
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Mystery surrounded an area of the Mercedes Benz factory as a keen eyed car spotter snapped what appeared to be an automotive version of the Klu Klux Klan only this vehicle won’t tar and feather or burn your house down in the of the Lord. We really can’t identify what kind of vehicle this is, we reckon its a convertible of some sort with a faux roof built to support the tarp cover on top. We say convertible because the rear doesn’t appear to have any solid structure to it. A convertible AMG GT perhaps? Or a convertible version of the S Class Coupe? That might well be a possibility with the LA Motorshow coming around the corner, between Nov 21-30th, this Merc, what ever it is, could make an appearance. Photo by: CarPixMercedes-Klan-Member
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