The Epic Mega Drifter of Saudi Arabia
http://youtu.be/0BsbX1Rf5zw For once we really can justify using click baiting terms such as “epic” and “mega” as this video show’s the abnormally huge powerslides Saudi Arab”yoof’s” are able to generate. Societies all over the world have one common bond, no not humanity, its called risking it all for nothing which is the true definition of freedom. This Saudi powerslider did just that, barrel rolled his car and remarkably survived to drive off and tell the embarrassing  tale. Actually we’re not happy with the click bait title it should be something long-winded like “This Saudi powerslider will have a lot of explaining to do to when he gets back home” Yeah, that’s a better title. We’ll use it next time.  Epic-Mega-Drifters
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