These Japanese Customisations Are Bad To The Bone

Yes you will see a Leopard print Lamborghini decorated and arranged with spikes. This is Tokyo’s Bosozuku style which is a Japanese sub-culture mainly associated with customised cars and motorcycles.

Bosozoku literally means “running out of control” and it it’s also true for the people associated with this sub culture.

Bosozukas like to cause disruption and when gathered in their ‘tribes’ can cause trouble… by driving very slowly.

However some Bosozoku gangs do escalate matters by starting fights and it’s not uncommon to bring a sword to a fist fight, or metal pipes, or Molotov cocktails.

So think of the Bosozuka as the polite version of America’s Hell’s Angels but with a little more manners.

We just want to know one thing, how did these Lamborghini owing Bosozukas get rich enough to afford these supercars?

To find out more about the Bosozuka culture read Jalopnik’s article about this fascinating sub-culture.

We say so otherwise we would have plagiarised Jalopnik’s article.

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