Spec you Aston Martin AMR using virtual reality, dailycarblog.com
You Can Now Spec Your Aston Martin Valkyrie Using Virtual Reality
Virtual reality has been around for years. It was kind of like the 3D TV of the games industry. In truth, the early technology was OK for the day and only available to those with deep pockets. But now the technology is advancing, it is slowly becoming a mainstream gaming accessory. And of course, it has always had other uses. Such use can be seen with Aston Martin’s digital configurator tool for the super-hypercar, the Valkyrie. Customers can spec their Valkyrie using virtual reality. The irony is that you have to have very, very, deep pockets do so. The Aston Martin press release focused on the “exhaustive options list” available for the Aston Martin Valkyrie. But the genie in the bottle is the virtual reality configurator tool. Customers are invited down to Aston Martin HQ to spec the car using virtual reality gear. Why can they not do so from a nearby dealership? But anyway going down to the Aston’s HQ is like visiting a museum. It’s a classy environment. Look we’re not shilling for Aston Martin, for we are considered to be the undesirables. Wearing it like a badge of honour.  
 Spec you Aston Martin AMR using virtual reality, dailycarblog.com
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