Edd China
Edd China Tackles Weird Alternator Issue on A 1966 Ford Mustang

Wheeler Dealers may have changed presenters but Edd China hasn’t. And that’s perfectly fine with us. His YouTube channel chronicles the highs and lows of car repairs. Edd is a thorough and logical mechanic, he makes everything look easy. This week Edd takes a look at a mate’s 1966 Ford Mustang that has developed an issue with the voltage generator otherwise known as the alternator.

It seems Edd’s new content is highly polished in terms of video and editorial quality, I would say studio-grade video production. A lot of money has gone into making this show as marketable as possible. And making that 1966 Ford Mustang look so darn good. Nevertheless, Edd’s knowledge and expertise are why we watch.

Question: I wonder how much Edd charged his mate to fix the alternator? That is a mystery we will never solve.

Edd China
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