Naturally Aspirated engine
The 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Naturally Aspirated Car

Engineering Explained YouTube man explains why you should avoid buying a turbocharged car. Due to efficiency legislation, modern cars are becoming turbo-charged. So the naturally aspirated engine, which used to be commonplace, is becoming ecoming rare. Ironically turbo-charged cars were rare and have now become the norm. The big capacity naturally aspirated engines have been replaced with smaller turbocharged engines.

Engineering Explained biggest gripe is with turbo lag, where the engine waits for the turbo-fans to spool up before delivering massive power. And that delay is annoying for the YouTuber.

And he is kind-of-correct, my biggest issue with high powered, low capacity turbo engines is the power delivery at the low end of the torque spectrum. In a turbo car, you lose the low-end “lazy accessibility”. I am talking about V8s.

The car brand you should avoid that utilizes turbos in ineffectively is Renault. Renault turbos die early, I know because I have owned Renaults and always the turbo pops. Why? because Renault makes low-cost turbos.

Naturally Aspirated engine
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