Toyota Confirm C-HR Concept is Set For Production
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Toyota have confirmed that it is set to launch a production version of the C-HR compact crossover concept, which could mark the beginning of a new more exciting and in your face design language phase, something that has been lacking in Toyota’s current “model line of ordinariness”. The C-HR concept, in production form, would sit below the RAV4, Toyota is targeting whom they believe are urban buyers with active lifestyles and are looking for something more interesting, compact and agile than the RAV4. Toyota will shoehorn a new petrol-hybrid powertrain into the production version, which has been designed to deliver significantly improved fuel economy. The hybrid engine could also be joined by a BMW sourced 1.6-litre diesel engine. The market for crossover vehicles is growing, Toyota wants to meet this demand by offering something that will appeal to segment buyers. The C-HR will meet this demand through a much more aggressive design approach then Toyota is known for. However expect to see a toned down version of the C-HR concept when it finally comes to market, Toyota have yet to give details of pricing or availability.  Toyota-CHR_Concept-Reality
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