UK Car Buyers Like Shiny New Metal
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Recession? what recession, mansion tax? what mansion tax. All these questions fall into insignificance as the UK is set to record its highest car production output in six years. Conversely UK car production actually fell by 3 percent during September as new models, like the Mini five doors are tooled and prepared for imminent production. For the first nine months of the 2014 1.3 million cars were made in the UK a figure not bettered since the banking crisis of 2008-9. The availability of cheap credit is said to be the reason behind the new car buying surge and this has helped push up demand. The UK may well surpass the highest ever recorded car production level of 1972 when 1.9 million cars were manufactured. Mini, Jaguar, Land Rover and Honda are all introducing updates or new models, the Honda CR-V is being facelifted and Jaguar will release the 3 Series rival XE. Total annual car production could rise to 2 million units by 2017.  MINI-5_doors
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