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Germany And France To Fight EU Emissions Legislation Underwritten by Germany And France
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Germany and France are the European Union. They are the two most economically powerful countries. Germany is essentially the EU’s principal banker, the Jupiter of the union by which all other member states are locked in a permanent orbit. Germany and France set the rules and the lawmaker’s job in Brussels is to simply rubber-stamp legislation.

European car manufacturers argue that a zero-emissions internal combustion engine is never going to happen, even with hybridization. They want the EU to reconsider the 2035 pathway to zero emissions and extend the use of hybrid internal combustion engines past the 2035 cut-off date.

They are using the false narrative of mass job losses in the event of suddenly switching to EV powertrains. Since when have car manufactures cared about workers? European car manufacturers are lobbying government to halt EU emissions legislation while at the same time promoting a false image of environmental sustainability.

So, to sum this up, European car manufacturers are lobbying their respective Governments (France and Germany) to stop EU emissions laws that are effectively underwritten by France and Germany. It is an extreme and bizarre situation to get your head around.

France and Germany Fight EU Laws - dailycarblog
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