350 Million Reasons Why Man U Players Don’t Like Chevrolet
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If you were expecting a list of 350 million reasons why Manchester United Players don’t like Chevrolet you really don’t understand our mentality here at DCB Towers. Admittedly the banner headline was classic click baiting, really there is only one reason why Manchester United Players are not using Chevrolet’s fleet of freebies given to them as part of a £350 million pound sponsorship deal. Man U Player’s don’t like Chevrolet. It seems the Man U players prefer dipping into their own multi-million pound pockets despite having the Corvette Stingray and Camaro to entice them out of their Range Rovers, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari’s and BMW’s. According to the UK’s dailymail online, 15 of Chevrolet’s finest remain unused gathering dust in a car park, the British newspaper even went so far as to publish pictures of the star players driving their everyday rides, which is really taking things too far in our book. Most footballers come form humble backgrounds, those who end up playing at the giddy heights of professional football can earn millions from wages too sponsorship deals. This is a way of Man U players saying Meh! to Chevrolet, they really don’t know which side their bread is buttered. At least new Manager Louis Van Gaal is sticking to the details of his clubs sponsorship terms, Van Gaal’s long termer is a Chevrolet Captiva. Good lad.  Man-U-Chevrolet
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