Amateur Racers Tackle The Course de Côte, Bergrennen
Video Did you know the very first hill climb took place in 1897 in Nice, France. Vive la France as they say. Who would have thought hill climb events would become an amateur Motorsports tradition that has held firm for over 100 years. It has and continues to provide entertainment for die hard fans as this organised Hill Climb in Bergrennen, Germany highlights. This is probably the purist motorsport you can watch, its amateurs racing against mother nature, the clock and against their own talents. Who needs Formula One. Oh, and Course de Côte means Hill Climb. And if  your’e not familiar with the expression its French. And if you ask the question why have the Germans adopted a French term for their home Hill Climb. Well lets just say it all started way back in the 2oth Century, during the month of May, on the 10th day. All is forgiven now. The world is a different place. Thanks to Hill Climbs which pre-dates everything.  Course-de-Côte
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