Ares Performance Reboots The Lamborghini Huracan
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You might not have heard of Dany Bahar before, or you may have. He was a renowned marketing guru at Red Bull, then Ferrari and was then headhunted to become the boss of Lotus in 2009. Proton sold Lotus to new Malaysian owners in 2012 and a few months following the sale Bahar left the company under a cloud of animosity. Not content with just sitting on a sun lounger Bahar has resurrected his restless soul with Ares Performance, a bespoke, tuning, automotive tailoring company aimed exclusively at millionaires who crave ever more exclusivity when buying a £200k supercar or super luxury car. The Ares Atelier for the Lamborghini Huracan is one such example of what Bahars new venture is capable of doing. Ares-Lamborghini-C Atelier translates into workshop and Ares employs the finest craftsmen to reboot that tired looking Huracan interior, its all tastefully executed and customers are involved in all stages of design and final approval. The Ares Lamborghini is essentially an aerodynamic upgrade forged out of carbon-fibre, the more aggressive body work is joined by 21-inch custom designed alloy wheels and a stonking rear wing. Ares-Lamborghini-A Ares also employ some of the best engineers in the business and made sure to zap thier creation with a bit of extra juice. Ares have boosted Lamborghini’s V10 to pump out 660bhp, the 0-60mph sprint time is undertaken in 3.0 seconds and the top speed is rated at around 205 mph. Ares Performance is based in Modena Italy, we don’t know how much this Lambo costs but we’re sure its going to be expensive.  Ares-Lamborghini-B
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