Audi Prologue, A Concept That Actually Works
Audi’s Prologue concept broke even our steel hearts, but auto concepts are designed to act as giant mouth pieces, to make a noise so that we take notice. And most concepts end up being pushed out of the display stand and then pushed into a design Museum in no-wheres-vile. Only the Audi Prologue is a concept that actually works and the folks over at Germany’s Auto Bild magazine got a chance to sample this visual delight. Lucky dudes that they are. We’re not saying that a German publication has a worryingly close relationship with a German car manufacture. And we’re not saying these kind of favors will lead to Auto Bild giving favorable reviews to all Audi’s. This kind of corporate backslapping is non existent in the auto publishing world, it never happens, like aliens one day landing on earth, handing out flowers and giving everyone a big sloppy kiss. It will never happen. The Prologue uses a proper good old fashioned 600bhp, 4.0-litre V8, non of this hybrid nonsense. Although we may be envious, we’re not bitter.Audi-Prologue-Driven
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