Bentley Outs Grand Convertible Concept For LA
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Bentley will arrive at the LA motorshow with a brand spanking new concept that really isn’t a concept but is designed to act as a concept but really isn’t. The Bentley Grand Convertible is based upon the Mulsanne and uses the same powerplant, a 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V8. Performance figures read 530bhp, 1,100 Nm of torque and an estimated 0-62 time of 4,9 seconds, with a limited top speed of 155mph. Bentley Chairman and CEO, Wolfgang Dürheimer, who unveiled the car in Los Angeles, commented: “This concept demonstrates Bentley’s ability to create a pinnacle convertible Grand Tourer, while embodying elegance beyond compare. With this car we combine the opulent Mulsanne experience with the full sensory indulgence of open-air touring, continuing to unite luxury and performance in new ways. Bentley-Grand-Convertible-A “We are eagerly awaiting the response of our customers to this car. We will ensure that this car – if it reaches the roads – will be a highly exclusive, extremely limited collector’s piece.” The Grand Convertible is all about the craftsmanship of the interior but the focus is on the exterior elements specifically the wooden tonneau at the rear which  features the largest piece of wood veneer ever applied to a Bentley.


Expect to have even larger pockets if and when Bentley confirms the Grand Convertible for, most likely limited, production because it could cost up to £350,000 when it goes on sale. Possibly. Some time in the future.  Bentley-Grand-Convertible-B
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