Drifting On Mulholland Highway
Take the Mulholland Highway, located approximately 50 miles near the western Santa Monica Mountain’s in the state of California. Take Tanner Foust and a Scion TC Drift Car and you have a recipe for an awesome, no holes barred drifting session on one of America’s greatest driving routes. Please don’t mention Route 66, that highway is for truckers, hillbillies and serial killers. We like Mulholland Highway. This video was taken back in 2010, and the driving is skillfully executed by Tanner Foust, a professional racing driver, stunt driver, and television host. He has a degree molecular biology, “boy’s dun’ wast’ed hee’s time”. Please don’t try to emulate this on a public road, this video was a closed film session. If you are reading this from Salford, Manchester UK, don’t just don’t. The people of Liverpool, we have no control over.
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