Understanding The Dark Arts of Vehicle Aerodynamics

If you don’t know of the Fully Charged Show then head on over to YouTube and subscribe, we have because we’re big fans. The show is the brainchild of Robert Llewellyn, yes that Robert, AKA Kryton of the 1990s BBC sci-fi comedy The Red Dwarf. Anyway, The Fully Charged Show focuses on everything electric, from cars to battery storage and energy efficiency.

In this episode, the team visits a secret aerodynamic test facility in Germany belonging to Audi,. There they explore how Audi goes about optimizing aerodynamics for the electric Audi GT sports saloon. So not much of a secret after all… anyway.

Electric cars has ushered in an aerodynamic development war as car manufacturers try to appease range anxiety electric car owners face by maximizing as much mileage through optimizing vehicle aerodynamics. Fascinating stuff.

Spoiler alert, the lead presenter, Imogen is a former vehicle aerodynamicist herself, so she knows her subject very well indeed. It isn’t a spoiler alert because Imogen doesn’t actually reveal her past, very geeky, career.

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