Escape Artist Andreas Mikkelsen Saves His WRC VW From Oblivion
We’ve all done it, driven slightly too fast over the crest of a hill only to realise that it dips down further than expected and that heart in your mouth moment always follows. Andrea Mikkelsen had a similar narrow escape only the Norwegian has an excuse, he is a WRC driver for VW Motorsport II and heart in your mouth moments are part of the territory. Mikkelsen was participating in RallyRACC-Rally de Espana and “crested” a little too aggressively which caused him to very nearly spin into assembled press photographers. The photographers scrambled out of the way, but its just another day in the office for Mikkelsen who reacted quickly with good old opposite lock and simply drove on, its all part of the make up of a rally driver.  WRC-Epic-Save
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