Exclusive, Jaguar XE Convertible Revealed
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In an insane exclusive with DCB Jaguar have revealed the 2016 XE Convertible. Actually this isn’t an exclusive and neither do Jaguar have any plan’s to make such a car. We would  like to add that Jaguar have never contacted us in any way regarding this concept. We’re just playing with the headlines and making up stories in a Dailymail-esq kind of way These concepts have been created by our resident Designer in Chief and self confessed automotive manipulator Theophiluschin who may have just stumbled upon a possible new model derivative for the XE. Jaguar-XE-Convertible-Rear-View Jaguar want to make and sell more cars, the only way to do that is design more models aimed at different market segments or have more derivatives of one model, a convertible, coupe, estate and so on. A Jaguar XE Convertible, in theory, could work. In theory communism also works but in practice it ends up with Vladimir Putin. We contacted Jaguar to discuss a possible convertible version of the XE, the four version will launch in April 2015, they told us “speak to the hand and not to the face”.  Jaguar-XE-Convertible
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