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Going the Distance: The Volkswagen ID7 Pro S Long Range
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I wouldn’t recommend buying a Volkswagen ID7 because the company has rushed its EV efforts, resulting in an unfinished product and a frustrating software experience for consumers. However, Volkswagen is compelled to meet EU Emissions quotas, and years after Dieselgate, electric cars present VW with a chance to greenwash soot-stained image, albeit somewhat egregiously.

Now, the ID.7 is available in long-range versions, with the marketing team drawing inspiration from Apple for naming this new edition.

The introduction of the ‘Pro S’ to existing Volkswagen ID7 models brings a larger battery and faster charging capabilities. The new ID.7 Pro S Match models feature an 86 kWh battery, compared to the 77 kWh battery in the ID.7 Match versions.

Volkswagen ID7 Sedan Hatch - Death Star Edition - Stance

This upgrade translates to a WLTP pure electric range of 437 miles for the fastback and 425 miles for the Tourer. The Pro S Match models can also charge at up to 200 kW DC, allowing a 10 to 80 percent battery capacity top-up in as little as 26 minutes.

Volkswagen claims to have enhanced the software experience, but I trust Volkswagen about as much as I trust WLTP range figures, which is not often.

The ID.7 Pro S Match and ID7 Tourer Pro S Match are available for order now from Volkswagen Retailers, priced at £55,450 and £56,140 (on-the-road recommended retail price incl. VAT).

Volkswagen ID7 UK
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