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How Artificial Intelligence Will Become The Next Software Revolution

Generative artificial intelligence. In layman terms it means computers designing without the need for human input. Just 10 years ago artificial intelligence was a clunky primordial dream being developed by a couple of geeky academics in a creeky university out-house. Before that, it was nothing more than a thought experiment. Today, thanks to the advancement of more powerful smaller computers, artificial intelligence has raced from being a primordial dream to a reality.

And the reality is progressing far more quickly than ever imagined. As computers become more powerful so to will artificial intelligence. Today we are at the dawn of an AI revolution and it will be more groundbreaking than all the “industrial revolutions” throughout mankind’s evolution from hunter-gather to mass-production.

AI is slowly running our everyday experiences, a basic example is recommendations on your YouTube or Netflix channel. Amazon Alex, Siri uses AI. However, AI software is now designing new inventions human beings had not imagined before.

AI is designing better, stronger components at a cheaper cost. And we are at the start of this AI revolution. One day computers will be designing computers. This video from TED discusses the fascinating possibilities.

Artificial intelligence -
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