Ferrari 458 Italia Commands Premium as Production Run Nears End
As the Ferrari 458 Italia nears the end of its production life-cycle, customers are going to extraordinary lengths to secure the remaining run of cars according to luxury car finance specialist Magnitude Finance. The 458 Italia is expected to be either significantly updated or replaced in March 2015 and some prospective buyers have been advised to place a £20,000 deposit to put them on a list of  ‘possible clients’. Doing so would still not guarantee a successful order being made. Other prospective Ferrari 458 Italia customers have been quietly informed that if they increase the range of options it may well push other customers off the waiting list. Its usually the case that a Supercar such as the £200k Ferrari 458 Italia is in high demand at the beginning of its product life-cycle, rarer still that it should be in high demand near the end of its production run. Ferrari-458-Italia-Sucderia-2014 The 458 Italia will be the last to house a naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 as the prancing horse enters the era of turbocharging. European emission’s laws are getting ever more demanding, turbo units are seen as a way of meeting new regulations and this is the reason why demand has risen. The naturally aspirated 458 is being seen as a future classic. Director of Magnitude Finance, Tim Marlow, said: “One client ordered the car many months ago but he was subsequently advised to increase the options he selected to guarantee delivery simply because others are prepared to go pay over the odds to get one new. “We have another client who has successfully secured the car using our finance and he said between placing his deposit and the balance, the agent he bought it from contacted him on five occasions to say others wanted to buy it if he changed his mind.” Being the first owner is the appeal among Magnitude Finance’s high net worth clientele. “With approximately 200 coming to the UK, it is seen as being a potential collector’s item,” adds Mr Marlow. “Everyone we speak to sees this as the next appreciating model over the long-term like the 360 Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia 16M before it so demand is really high. “To ensure it is as sought after as possible and command the highest price in years to come should they decide to sell, they want to be the first and only name on the logbook.”  Ferrari-458-Italia-Sucderia-2014-b
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