iPhone Generation Sub-Conciously Prefer Buying White Cars
White is becoming the choice of color for new car buyers, so says new research carried out by UK based company, Arval, which used age, gender occupation and demographic metrics from over 1,000 new car owners.  Arval should know what they are talking about, the car leasing firm used its pool of data to cross reference what choices their new car buyers were making. According to Arval it seems that white is the color of choice and owners of the color were on average to be aged 38 years old and in senior management. Arval’s conclusion for the choice of color is focused on the iPhone generation, the very first phone was launched in white and the cross over into choosing a white car my be sub-consciously ingrained into the car buying mentality. “The number of new white cars being registered in the UK has risen significantly since the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010. In 2004 registrations of white cars were so low that they weren’t reported separately by industry trade body SMMT. Said an Arval spokesperson. iPhone-Man “However, fast forward ten years and new white cars account for more than a fifth (22%) of all new cars registered, more than for any other car colour.” “White has gone from nowhere to being the most popular choice, particularly for younger new car buyers, and those who work in management positions. It is seen as dynamic, youthful and helps define cutting edge technology; that’s why so many new cars are specified in white.” concluded Arval. Some how we feel iPhone guy, in the above image, isn’t going to buy a white car, we reckon he needs to buy a razor, white, black, blue, pink we don’t care just shave it off bud.  White-MG-SUV
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