Second Hand car buying Advice
Hacks For Buying A Second Hand Car

Saving money when buying a second hand car doesn’t have to mean forfeiting some or all of your wants and needs. Having a smaller budget is actually common amongst many drivers, so there has to be the products to accommodate. In today’s motor market, it’s quite easy to find a vehicle that looks good, drives well and doesn’t break the bank. There are a few useful hacks that can help you get the best deal when buying secondhand and ensure that you don’t make the wrong decision, so read on and be sure to implement this information when you start your search.

1. Year Older

By looking for a car that’s just one year old, you can save thousands. It will still perform to such a high standard and is unlikely to have done many miles. Some vehicles reduce in value over 25% in the first 12 months after initial purchase, so this is your chance to get a great deal when it’s still new and functioning very well. This generally goes for all cars besides those that are a little more upmarket, as they may actually increase in value over time if they are collectable or particularly rare.

2. Choose The Right Time

The price of a car can actually be heavily influenced by the time of year. If you want to buy from a dealership, they usually have targets set by their managers to sell a certain number of cars quarterly, which gives you the upper hand. The best times can be around the end of December, March, June and September, so don’t be afraid to head down and try to haggle or get a few added extras thrown in for the same price. There may also be some extras deals and discounts set out by the dealership themselves, so there’s no harm in having a look. If you’re buying privately, be patient while searching and keep your eyes on a few different cars to check whether their price is reduced over time if they do not sell.

3.Take It For A Spin

When you find a potential car, the most important thing you can do is take it out for a test drive. Despite how it may look on the surface, there may be a hidden reason that the owner wants to sell their car and it’s up to you to find out. Go around the block a few times and test all of the electrics for faults, and ask about MOT’s and the cars history. It would be a terrible situation to invest in a car only to discover later that the low price was down to an expensive issue that needs fixing.

With a little bit of extra research and some forward thinking, these hacks should assist you in finding the best second hand car on the market today. Remember that a used Jaguar is still a Jaguar for all intents and purposes, so don’t feel uneasy just because your budget won’t stretch to a newer model.

Second Hand car buying Advice
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