Jaguar Land Rover In Pay Dispute Spat With UK Workers
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Jaguar has been doing some mean business of late and its UK workers want more reward for their hard graft.

JLR’s UK works recently rejected a pay and pension rise offered to them by the UK automaker and the workers union representatives said that the company should continue negotiations or face possible strike action.

Talks ended with no agreement in October, workers union Unite rejected the terms offered to them by JLR which amounted to a 3 percent pay rise with bonuses covering the next 3 years consecutively.

Unite revealed 13,000 JLR staff members rejected the term’s offered to them with around 500 voting yes.

Unite believe’s JLR also seeks to reduce its pensions contributions, it argues that the company makes £10 million pounds in profit per day and the workforce is angered over proposed cuts in the pension scheme and by a risible pay offer.

Jaguar would only say that it would continue to seek resolution over a suitable settlement.

The JLR group enjoyed bumper sales success during the financial year of 2013-2014 the company made a pre-tax profit of £2.5 billion, double that of three years ago.

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