Lamborghini Owner Turns Aventador Into Mobile Barbeque
Seem’s that owning a Lamborghini isn’t all that’s its made out to be, sure you get plenty of new “friends” but you also get a whole heap of trouble. This £300k V12 eats other supercars for breakfast, its owner seemed to be more interested in going for a late night barbecue but didn’t expect his Lambo to turn into one. Its seems the owner, Bav, was showing off his pride and joy to a group of “friends” by revving the Aventador needlessly for a good few minutes. Bav clearly doesn’t understand the whole reason why such a powerful car requires powerful cooling. Standing still and being revved with no where to go, more to the point no airflow to cool the engine, it seem’s as if Bav temporarily cooked his V12 big guns. Bav then decides to try and douse the flames by driving away in the hope that those cooling ducts would do their job except you are actually giving the flames more air/oxygen. The resulting fire was eventually put out with a bottle of water, the flames caused minor cosmetic damage to the Aventador and major embarrassment to Bav. But anything minor on a £300k supercar is going to cost big.  Lamborghini-Fire
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