Owning a Lamborghini is Too Problematic For One New York Millionaire
If it isn’t tough enough being rich one New Yorker set out to prove just his tough it is to be rich and own nice cars. The owner of the Lamborghini Aventador deliberately drives through New York’s tougher streets and also the swankiest. The reaction from by-standers is a kind of automotive harassment but what does the guy expect, quiet applause? The owner has a personal story to tell, a son of Chinese immigrants who entered America dirt poor, Allen Wong grew up in the suburbs and some of the same streets he drives his Lamborghini Aventador through in this video. Wong’s life was full of lows, but he persevered, studied computer science and created a police scanner radio app that went onto become the number paid app in 2009 and his business continues to grow. Wong’s smartphone apps have made him millions and so he has earned the right to have such problems. We salute you Allen Wong.  Lamborhini-New-York
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