Porsche Goes For Better Handling With Cayenne GTS, Keeps Styling Intact
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We have never been big fanboys of the Porsche Cayenne, why? well its purely down to the styling. Sure it may have some powerful hardware, as is stands, for us we just can’t get used to its dour looks. The 911, classic, end of. The Cayenne? well its like a bag of pop corn because its a big seller for Porsche. That hasn’t stopped Porsche from specifically trying to impress us, you see we here at DCB are at the centre of the automotive world. Ahem… Porsche-GTS-B Porsche have released details of the driver focused Porsche Cayenne GTS SUV which says farewell to the 414bhp, 4.8-litre V8 and hello to the 3.6-litre, 433bhp V6 bi-turbo powerhouse. The Cayenne GTS is all torque, that’s an 85Nm increase from the old naturally aspirated V8 to a new grand total of 600Nm with the V6 in place Of course straightline performance is also up, the 0-62mph dash is completed in 5.2 seconds which is around 0.6 seconds quicker than the previous model. And if you want to go 0.1 seconds quicker then you can idiotically opt for the Sport Chrono Pack. The Cayenne GTS will sit in between the S and Turbo variants., fuel consumptions is… who cares I mean what do you expect from such a potent powerplant this is no hippy commune dressed up as an SUV. The GTS variants have always been about the handling dynamics and its no change here. Porsche-GTS-C Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) is standard. Adaptive dampers keep the ride height 24mm lower than the standard model. Optional air suspension drops the ride height by 20mm. The GTS borrows its larger brakes from the Cayenne Turbo to ensure increased purchase when stopping to drop the kids off during the school run. The exterior gets a Cayenne GTS specific Sport Design package which includes go-faster appendages, 20-inch black alloy wheels, black exhaust pipes, beefed up side sills and flared wheel arches. The inside features Alcantara seats with GTS logos stitched into the headrests. Porsche really went to town on the interior. The Cayenne GTS will cost £72k and will be joined by an entry level 3.6 litre V6 powered, 296bhp model set to cost £49k. Sales will commence on November 19th on very the day the Cayenne GTS is revealed at the LA Motorshow.  Porsche-GTS-A
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