Qoros Reveals 3 City SUV SUV…Who Again?
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You may never have heard of Qoros Auto’s we have, they are a Chinese-Israeli automotive venture headquartered in Shanghai, China. And you know what there was a time when not many people knew about DCB. Many argue that’s still the case today. We know your pain Qoros! Ahem. Like Qoros we don’t thrive on a blaze of publicity through self promotion of one’s self, we get on quietly with the job. Qoros, like everyone or any company, needs a bit of publicity, we are getting to the point here. And here is that much needed publicity, the Qoros compact SUV concept. Dubbed the three Qoros 3 City, this SUV is designed for the premium end of the market, and if you really haven’t heard of Shanghai based Qoros then these details underscore how the company positions itself in the auto market arena. Think of Qoros as China’s answer to Volkswagen or maybe BMW. The Qoros 3 City SUV will be based on the same platform as the Qoros 3 hatch, the latter is vaguely for sale in the UK, but don’t quote us on that. Qoros began selling cars in mainland China in December 2013 and by August 2014 had sold 2540 cars, the company currently has a 3 model lineup.  Quros-Concept
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