The Three KTM X-Bow’s of The Wimmer RS Apocalypse
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The age of highly tuned cars finds yet another target as German auto tuning company, Wimmer RS, perform their keyhole mechanical surgery on the KTM X-Bow with the release of three tuning packages called GT, R and RR. Wimmer-RS-X-Bow-GT-C The KTM X-Bow is a wind in your face, ultra light sports car weighing 847kg and packed with enough power to disintegrate tarmac. This lightweight monster is actually produced by Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM. The formula is simple, lightweight car and huge amounts of power. From an Audi sourced 2.0-litre turbo-charged, 4-cylinder engine. Ahem. Wimmer-RS-X-Bow-GT-A OK so KTM have tuned the engine to produce 282bhp and exhert 420Nm, top speed is 143mph and the 0-62 dash is completed in 4.1 seconds. Its the power to weight ratio that gives the KTM X-Bow its appealing ferocity, its equivalent to sticking a jet onto the back of a donkey. Wimmer-RS-X-Bow-GT-D But Wimmer RS have decided to significantly up the power game, the company’s GT Package force-feeds 478bhp and 520Nm out of that Audi lump, the power to weight ratio falls to 1.75 kg per horsepower. That means the Wimmer RS tuned KTM X-Bow GT can hit 160mph and combust the 0-62 time in under 4.0 seconds.


Wimmer have also made changes to the aerodynamics, suspension and re-calibrated the ESP and ABS. Cost £125k / 130k euros/ $162k. Wimmer’s R tuned package is toned down too 449bhp and 400Nm,  with options to upgrade the suspension and aerodynamics. Wimmer-RS-X-Bow-GT-B The RR package is a track focused only model and features a de-tuned, 365bhp model, this includes chassis and aerodynamic upgrades. The cost is £115k and £105k respectively. We cant help but to think at these prices why not get a nice S Class or Aston Martin or even Porsche GT3.  Wimmer-RS-X-Bow-GT-F
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