VW To Appeal To US Buyers Yankee Doodle Styling Mindset
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Volkswagen is facing a crisis in America, sales are slowing in the region, they have been for years now, and VW just doesn’t know what to do about it. Or do they. Making strikingly austere passenger cars may be a recipe for success in Europe and other territories but Americans like a less conservative approach when it comes to how a car looks. You may know by now the American auto market leans towards SUV’s and this time VW is following the scent with plans to build Q7 size SUV at its production facility in America. When VW launch their SUV in 2016 or 2017 it is expected to draw heavily on the Cross Coupe GTE concept that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. To unravel the mystery of the US market and therefore increase sales VW are going for broke and are determined to design and develop a more “expressive design”. Whether this artistic flowering will find its way into Europe or remain exclusive to the US isn’t known. However with a 2 percent market share in the US VW may send their accountants on a all expenses paid luxury holiday to a ISIL stronghold in order to make more exciting cars for the US market The holy grail of any car manufacture is to design, build and sell a car that will appeal to a world market. That model hasn’t worked for VW whose strategy is now more shifting towards providing country/market specific cars and the US will get the most attention. VW recognize Americans don’t just go for more efficient power-trains or better in car technology it is a territory biased towards style and practicality, competitive pricing and whole fried chicken.  VW-Cross-Coupe-Con
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