Waterboarding Using a Ferrari F50 is Insane & Sensationally Illegal
This waterboading champ from the UK is 19 year old Jorge Gill and he is young and therefore invincible. Jorge decides riding the waves isn’t as exciting as riding a canal, only he substitutes a speed boat for a V12 Ferrari F50, we don’t know what speed he traveled at but according to  Jorge it was “F…..g fast”. We estimate that Jorge was indeed going fast and proved the point that the young, specifically males, are invincible. The video was shot in the UK and judging by the lay of the land it was filmed somewhere in the east of the country, we reckon the Cambridgeshire Fens. And judging by the whole film it looks like it was a carefully planned, spontaneous and entirely illegal act. Guess its going to get a lot of Facebook likes.  F50-Waterboaring
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