Audi Prologue Cabriolet Concept
Everyone’s favorite Photoshop manipulator extraordinaire, X-Tomi, has worked his digital magic on the Audi Prologue concept and converted it into a rather tasty looking cabriolet. To our untrained eyes the Prologue looks like a foretaste of the next generation A5 Coupe and Sportback, Audi say it will form the basis for a new design language that will run like a river through out its next generation model offering. Others are saying the prologue will indeed be the look of the new, and yet to be confirmed officially, A9 but a little less in your face and much more production and therefore cost friendly. If the A9 gets off the ground then it will seek out the S Class Coupe like an exocet missile and try to destroy it in some imaginary battle for luxury coupe sales. Audi shoe horned a 4.0-litre petrol (gasoline) V8 into the Prologue’s engine bay and made sure it had plenty of power, 597bhp to be precise. And if you are after precision handling then it also comes with 4-wheel steering. If the Prologue makes it into production, 100 percent unaltered, then we will be the first to put our names down on what will be a long and expensive waiting list.  Xtomi-Audi-Prologue
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